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Fullerton Dentist Patient Testimonials

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Kids love to come here!

Best Dentist and Dental hygienists ever!!!
Yvonne Cureton

Hey this is my dentist and his team!
Bonnie Carawan

Dr Kirk is the best of the best. From the moment you step into his magical dentist-den you know you're going to be smiling. Thanks for the sparkle and world class service! I love each and every one on staff.
Juliette Saunders

THE best there is in my opinion. Been going here for 18 years. Love the staff & Dr. Kirk is amazing.
Jessica Nunley

After decades of traumatic dental experiences, I’m finally finding healing at Smile With Style!! Dr. Larson has created such a comforting, peaceful, professional environment that I actually found myself RELAXING during my last appointment (this is a huge deal for someone with extreme dental anxiety like me)! Dr. Larson and the entire staff are so incredibly kind, patient, trustworthy, and well-informed. I feel listened to and cared about, and finally feel that my dental care is in the right hands.
Jacqueline Blankenship

Dr. Larson is a personable guy and a tremendous dentist. On top of that, his staff are helpful and professional. Also, the office is clean, well designed, and even had a free Pac Man arcade in the waiting room! There is also an play in the waiting room with a wooden fort for the little ones. I am confident you would receive top notch care here.
Mark Speeter

Dr Kirk Larson and his Staff are Amazing. Helped me lot with my teeth and issues. Besides being Great Dentist Dr. Larson is a Great Guy too. Super Friendly , Kind , Courtious and Professional. Thank you Dr Kirk Larson. I am Grateful for your service.
Ken Johnson

What a fantastic staff and office. If you are looking for a dentist who will come and meet you when you are in pain in the evening, this is it. If you want a dentist who will NEVER cut corners, this is it. If you want a dentist who makes sure you are not in pain during a procedure, this is it! I've b n to many dentists in my 52 years and I am never switching. The office staff and Hygenist are also the best.
Alastair Aitken

Dr. Larson is the best dentist we have ever been to, period. He has been our family dentist since we met him years ago. I grew up afraid of dentists, probably because of my 20+ fillings. (I was in a family of 11 children, so my mom lost track of dental appointments and floss. That's my best guess anyway). My kids, on the other hand, do not mind at all going to Dr. Larson's office. I've got a 14-year-old, a 12-year-old, and an 8-year-old, and they have had only great experiences. (The youngest two of my three children-- I am not kidding-- actually like being in the patient's chair. My oldest son is restless when he's away from his Xbox).The office, though "office" isn't the appropriate word for this gorgeous facility, is decorated beautifully and is filled with a sense of serenity. The waiting room is not waiting-room-like in the least, but decorated in warm tones and beautifully lit. There are fresh-baked, individually wrapped cookies; a single-cup coffee maker with delicious choices, including decaf and tea in various blends; a cute little refrigerator filled with bottled water; a vintage Pac-Man arcade game; a two-level playhouse; and an assortment of non-dog-eared current magazines and coffee-table books. White-glove-treated best describes the cleanliness of the entire facility. No dust, dirt, smudges-- nothing yucky-- anywhere. The receptionist, May, is friendly, but not Stepford-fake friendly. She loves working there, loves my kids, and is very kind. My youngest fell asleep once while sitting next to me, and May brought a blanket and tucked her in. At the same time, May is extremely professional. The hygienist is similarly cool, as are all the staff. There isn't a bad attitude in the building.

Dr. Larson himself is bright, witty, friendly, and kind. He's a great conversationalist (yes, it's true you can't respond when being worked on, but that's beside the point). He's interested in his patients and even remembers where you left off in the last conversation between dental appointments. He is way ahead of the curve with dental technology. I know this because my ten out-of-state siblings and I talk about our kids' dental appointments. One of their dentists sounds like the dentist in Johnny Depp's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." (Hey, it's not really an arcane reference. See the film if you haven't. Granted, it's not as charming as the original, but Depp is no Gene Wilder.)

What we take away from the place on any given appointment is a cup of coffee, some cookies and bottled water, a few "treasure chest" toys, healthy teeth, and happiness in knowing we are in the best of hands with the smartest, most competent, finest dentist we will ever find. If anything, go there just for the cookies, but make sure you at least say "hi" to Dr. Larson.

Jim H.
La Mirada, CA

As a person who has not been too big a fan of the dentist over the course of their life, going back was not something I was looking forward to. I had dealt with a few ho-hum dentistries the last few years and was not at all happy with them. Be it the poor quality work done, the lack of comfort, or tricking me into paying for things I didn't know about, I was pretty done with dentists.

Well life happens, and my teeth inevitably decayed, and I was really at the point where I HAD to go. My friend mentioned Dr Larson's office to me, saying that Kirk and his staff were very nice and went an extra mile to ensure their clients satisfaction and comfort.

I must say, I agree. Upon entering I was greeted by a friendly receptionist and waited only a few minutes to have my checkup. I knew I would likely need two root canals, as my back teeth had broken apart, and I was right. I had only heard terrible things about root canals, and will admit that I was worried to have them done. Even though I was quite numb the rest of the day, the root canals were relatively painless. I was slightly sore that night, but nothing else followed.

My teeth were in TERRIBLE shape. Dr Larson and his assistants always made sure that I was not feeling anything, and that I was comfortable. I have had A LOT of trouble getting numb in the past, and every time I have had work done so far at this dentistry I have been pain free.

One nice feature they have is a movie and headphones system for clients having work done. For anyone that thinks getting a filling is terrible, well I can tell you that you will hardly notice it because you will be watching Tombstone, or another of their 100+ movies on stock, along with satellite tv.

Overall, this place has changed my opinion of dentists. Kirk has always been super friendly and upfront about my teeth. He really cares about my long term dental health, and treats me like family. He and his staff have always made sure I get numb, even when it has been tricky. (Kirk let me know I have oddly placed nerves, which probably is why I have trouble getting numb. He also charted them out so he and other future dentists would be able to find them) The dental industry isn't a charity, and I know that. The only possible draw back is the price, but I fully understand where the money is going. Then again, I haven't been in a few years so it might be the norm. For anyone that does not like going to the dentist, I fully suggest Kirk Larson's dentistry Smile with Style. They will change your opinion like they did mine.

-Friendly staff
-Pain free dentistry
-Great Facilities and Equipment
-Movies/tv/radio while you get worked on

-Price, but it's worth it!

Jon L
Fullerton, CA

If I was allowed to give TEN STARS for ONE review in my whole entire life... I'd dedicate it to Dr. Kirk and his staff. Where to begin...Fortunately, one of my bests works at Smile with Style and she always raved Dr. Kirk but I was never too interested enough to see him because I've been through so much with in the past with my teeth..but regrettably I waited until my dentist at the time kept messing my teeth up and when I thought it was too late to fix what had already been done to my teeth I thought.. "what the heck, what have I got to lose at this point?" so, I paid Dr. Kirk a visit around July 2009 for a complimentary evaluation. He told me so many things I NEVER knew about because I was never told or my old dentist never paid attention to it and he answered questions that I never even knew I had! I went back again this morning because of my cleaning appt. I actually went in about 20 minutes early so I could enjoy my complimentary cup of coffee a la Keurig

All of the rooms are set up like a mini-spa.. NO JOKE!! My room had a close up view of plants outside and the pillow and chair were super comfy!! My hygienist was really sweet and friendly.. it felt like I was at the salon, talking to my stylist. Weird, right? Nobody would ever think of relaxing at a dental office. Well, it's because they haven't been here yet, that's for sure! They even put warm lotion on your hands and you stick them into these heated gloves while you're getting your teeth cleaned!! OoOOo and you can watch whatever network you want on directv! I'm definitely going to have to go back for a few more visits because the work that I need done is a bit of a process (due to past dentists NOT PAYING CLOSE ENOUGH ATTENTION TO DETAIL!!), but I can hands down say this is the one place in my life right now that I look forward to. The ambiance, staff, Keurig.. there's no place like Smile with Style!

Terry A.
Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Kirk really is the best dentist I have ever been to. The hygienists are just as warm and welcoming as Dr. Kirk himself. I have pretty bad anxiety when it comes to seeing a dentist, every time I see Dr. Kirk my anxiety levels go down.

Some of my favorite things about this office are: everyone is very informative - they take the time to explain something before they do it, Dr. Kirk really cares about the entire experience from the moment you walk in and see the complimentary beverages & treats, to the hot lotion treatment & tv during your visit, and the lovely lip balms on your way out. Your mind is almost tricked into thinking you're going to the spa and not the dentist :) This place is seriously Full Service!

I had some fillings done and it was the best experience I have ever had at a dental office. I was very, very, very nervous and Dr. Kirk let me use "laughing gas" to help me relax. He sincerely wants you to have the best experience possible so you will continue taking care of your mouth & teeth. For anyone who has extreme anxiety related to dental visits, you know how valuable it is to go to a dentist who really cares about the WHOLE experience, and knows that getting you there is the most important thing. I don't know what he does, but my mouth wasn't sore after my fillings. I was only very slightly sore after the numbing wore off, and it was nothing a little Advil couldn't take care of. There was no discomfort the next day. He also has this thing on the syringe he uses to administer the numbing shot, it's a little device that make the needle vibrate (very lightly) which means that you don't feel the needle going in AT ALL. It's amazing. Every doctor should have one of those!

I can't say enough about everyone at Smile with Style. They're all so friendly and caring. If I ever moved I would travel to still be able see Dr. Kirk. He's worth it, and really - so am I! Everyone deserves this kind of dental experience.If all dentists were like this, people wouldn't wait years between visits.

Sarah O.
La Habra, CA

This dentist office is the best one I've been to. I've been going there for almost 2 years, and the friendly and excellent service is a reason I keep coming back. Being able to watch directv or a movie that you bring in to watch while you get your teeth worked on is an added bonus. I don't think there is another dentist office out there that can compare to them.

Jason H.
La Habra, CA

Despite living in LA and trying some of the most reputable dentists in Beverly Hills, I've been cleaned by one too many "Bloody Mary's" and drilled and filled (seemingly on a whim) by dentists who left my teeth sore for over a month. So when a friend swore Dr. Larson was truly different from all of the others, a combination of fear and pain motivated me to make the incredible journey from Santa Monica to Fullerton, just for a tooth cleaning. I ended up needing an old filling replaced too.

Every filling I've ever had in my life has left the filled tooth sore or feeling strange for over a month. But the tooth Dr. Larson filled didn't ache or even feel noticeable after leaving his office. In fact, I left Dr. Larson's office feeling more relaxed than when I arrived, and actually pampered (yes, really). Dr. Larson gets it.

In addition to the heated hand-softening treatment I received while in the chair, I was cozied by a blanket, offered movies, Cable TV and music choices and interviewed as to "What would I like to change about my smile or teeth if I could wave a magic wand over my mouth?" Most impressive to me however, was that everyone in Dr. Larson's office actually bothered to tell me what they were going to do. (Just imagine! As if I was actually a part of it!) I was notified that the Dr. was putting some pink gel on my tooth which would reveal if there was any decay left where the Dr. had drilled. Without the pink stuff, the Dr. told me he could miss up to 95% of the decay. To my knowledge, no Dentist prior has used this. Of course, none of my prior dentists really communicated anything they did with me, except to ask about my insurance and billing.

Dr. Larson didn't just tell me I was grinding my teeth - he showed me on his high-tech video screen. Seeing is believing and I was ready to sign up for the $400 night guard. But when I mentioned that I also wanted a retainer to protect the straight teeth I'd earned from braces in high school (now showing signs of drifting with age), the doctor sent me to an Ortho for a combo deal. He could've charged me for the night guard and had me pay the orthodontist again for a retainer and I wouldn't have been the wiser. But he didn't.

Further proof of Larson's concern for patients is demonstrated by the fact that he has gone to the trouble to rename every tool he uses in his office. He informed me that "Most fear comes from the unknown or misunderstanding, so we've renamed all of our tools so that they sound like what they actually do. This way patients don't have to be afraid of the 'whoseywhatsit' we're going to stick in their mouth next."

Dr. Larson's staff is incredibly friendly, his office is extremely high-tech and modern (no crusty old chairs or technology), and there's even a free Pac Man game in the lobby too. Make the journey, you'll thank me later.

Giovanna F.
La Habra, CA