Jim H.

Dr. Larson is the best dentist we have ever been to, period. He has been our family dentist since we met him years ago. I grew up afraid of dentists, probably because of my 20+ fillings. (I was in a family of 11 children, so my mom lost track of dental appointments and floss. That's my best guess anyway). My kids, on the other hand, do not mind at all going to Dr. Larson's office. I've got a 14-year-old, a 12-year-old, and an 8-year-old, and they have had only great experiences. (The youngest two of my three children-- I am not kidding-- actually like being in the patient's chair. My oldest son is restless when he's away from his Xbox).The office, though "office" isn't the appropriate word for this gorgeous facility, is decorated beautifully and is filled with a sense of serenity. The waiting room is not waiting-room-like in the least, but decorated in warm tones and beautifully lit. There are fresh-baked, individually wrapped cookies; a single-cup coffee maker with delicious choices, including decaf and tea in various blends; a cute little refrigerator filled with bottled water; a vintage Pac-Man arcade game; a two-level playhouse; and an assortment of non-dog-eared current magazines and coffee-table books. White-glove-treated best describes the cleanliness of the entire facility. No dust, dirt, smudges-- nothing yucky-- anywhere. The receptionist, May, is friendly, but not Stepford-fake friendly. She loves working there, loves my kids, and is very kind. My youngest fell asleep once while sitting next to me, and May brought a blanket and tucked her in. At the same time, May is extremely professional. The hygienist is similarly cool, as are all the staff. There isn't a bad attitude in the building.

Dr. Larson himself is bright, witty, friendly, and kind. He's a great conversationalist (yes, it's true you can't respond when being worked on, but that's beside the point). He's interested in his patients and even remembers where you left off in the last conversation between dental appointments. He is way ahead of the curve with dental technology. I know this because my ten out-of-state siblings and I talk about our kids' dental appointments. One of their dentists sounds like the dentist in Johnny Depp's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." (Hey, it's not really an arcane reference. See the film if you haven't. Granted, it's not as charming as the original, but Depp is no Gene Wilder.)

What we take away from the place on any given appointment is a cup of coffee, some cookies and bottled water, a few "treasure chest" toys, healthy teeth, and happiness in knowing we are in the best of hands with the smartest, most competent, finest dentist we will ever find. If anything, go there just for the cookies, but make sure you at least say "hi" to Dr. Larson.

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