Jacqueline Blankenship

After decades of traumatic dental experiences, I’m finally finding healing at Smile With Style!! Dr. Larson has created such a comforting, peaceful, professional environment that I actually found myself RELAXING during my last appointment (this is a huge deal for someone with extreme dental anxiety like me)! Dr. Larson and the entire staff are so incredibly kind, patient, trustworthy, and well-informed. I feel listened to and cared about, and finally feel that my dental care is in the right hands.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Benefits Of Dental Crowns

3 Cosmetic Dentistry Benefits Of Dental Crowns

Learn more about cosmetic dentistry now, as many cosmetic services not only improve one’s smile but they also improve the ability of one’s teeth to function better. According to the American Academy of cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic dentistry is a practice that aims to create positive changes in your teeth and smile. Ready to learn more?Understanding…

Dental Bridge FAQs

3 Dental Bridge FAQs

The function of a Dental Bridges is to literally bridge the gap left after a tooth is lost or extracted due to damage or infection. This tooth replacement option offers a natural-looking and durable solution for many patients. This article answers some frequently asked questions about dental bridges.A dental bridge is made up of two…