Jon L

As a person who has not been too big a fan of the dentist over the course of their life, going back was not something I was looking forward to. I had dealt with a few ho-hum dentistries the last few years and was not at all happy with them. Be it the poor quality work done, the lack of comfort, or tricking me into paying for things I didn't know about, I was pretty done with dentists.

Well life happens, and my teeth inevitably decayed, and I was really at the point where I HAD to go. My friend mentioned Dr Larson's office to me, saying that Kirk and his staff were very nice and went an extra mile to ensure their clients satisfaction and comfort.

I must say, I agree. Upon entering I was greeted by a friendly receptionist and waited only a few minutes to have my checkup. I knew I would likely need two root canals, as my back teeth had broken apart, and I was right. I had only heard terrible things about root canals, and will admit that I was worried to have them done. Even though I was quite numb the rest of the day, the root canals were relatively painless. I was slightly sore that night, but nothing else followed.

My teeth were in TERRIBLE shape. Dr Larson and his assistants always made sure that I was not feeling anything, and that I was comfortable. I have had A LOT of trouble getting numb in the past, and every time I have had work done so far at this dentistry I have been pain free.

One nice feature they have is a movie and headphones system for clients having work done. For anyone that thinks getting a filling is terrible, well I can tell you that you will hardly notice it because you will be watching Tombstone, or another of their 100+ movies on stock, along with satellite tv.

Overall, this place has changed my opinion of dentists. Kirk has always been super friendly and upfront about my teeth. He really cares about my long term dental health, and treats me like family. He and his staff have always made sure I get numb, even when it has been tricky. (Kirk let me know I have oddly placed nerves, which probably is why I have trouble getting numb. He also charted them out so he and other future dentists would be able to find them) The dental industry isn't a charity, and I know that. The only possible draw back is the price, but I fully understand where the money is going. Then again, I haven't been in a few years so it might be the norm. For anyone that does not like going to the dentist, I fully suggest Kirk Larson's dentistry Smile with Style. They will change your opinion like they did mine.


  • Friendly staff
  • Pain free dentistry
  • Great Facilities and Equipment
  • Movies/tv/radio while you get worked on
  • **Cons**

  • Price, but it’s worth it!
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