Sarah O.

Dr. Kirk really is the best dentist I have ever been to. The hygienists are just as warm and welcoming as Dr. Kirk himself. I have pretty bad anxiety when it comes to seeing a dentist, every time I see Dr. Kirk my anxiety levels go down.

Some of my favorite things about this office are: everyone is very informative - they take the time to explain something before they do it, Dr. Kirk really cares about the entire experience from the moment you walk in and see the complimentary beverages & treats, to the hot lotion treatment & tv during your visit, and the lovely lip balms on your way out. Your mind is almost tricked into thinking you're going to the spa and not the dentist 🙂 This place is seriously Full Service!

I had some fillings done and it was the best experience I have ever had at a dental office. I was very, very, very nervous and Dr. Kirk let me use "laughing gas" to help me relax. He sincerely wants you to have the best experience possible so you will continue taking care of your mouth & teeth. For anyone who has extreme anxiety related to dental visits, you know how valuable it is to go to a dentist who really cares about the WHOLE experience, and knows that getting you there is the most important thing. I don't know what he does, but my mouth wasn't sore after my fillings. I was only very slightly sore after the numbing wore off, and it was nothing a little Advil couldn't take care of. There was no discomfort the next day. He also has this thing on the syringe he uses to administer the numbing shot, it's a little device that make the needle vibrate (very lightly) which means that you don't feel the needle going in AT ALL. It's amazing. Every doctor should have one of those!

I can't say enough about everyone at Smile with Style. They're all so friendly and caring. If I ever moved I would travel to still be able see Dr. Kirk. He's worth it, and really - so am I! Everyone deserves this kind of dental experience.If all dentists were like this, people wouldn't wait years between visits.

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